Privacy Policy Summary

This policy describes how After Hours Repair Service collects, uses, shares, and secures information on our owned and operated websites, mobile applications and other properties, as well as the services we use to communicate with consumers and to facilitate communications between consumers and the businesses who advertise with us. The following provides a summary of some of the most important aspects of our privacy practices:

  • We use your personally-identifiable information to provide you with products, services, and information.

  • We may share your identifiable information for your product with third parties in some situations, such as if you decide to communicate with a company that provides supplies or complete units.

  • We are committed to working with you to reach the right balance of what information we collect, use, and share, by providing you with ways to control information that we collect.

  • We take reasonable measures to secure your sensitive personally-identifiable information, but we cannot promise, and you should not expect, that your sensitive personally-identifiable information will remain secure in all circumstances.