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"Improving your Wheelchair & Scooter Mobility is a call away"

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We work on all manufactures devices

Programming Power Wheelchairs to fit your needs!

Repair all Makes & Models of broken GoGo,Victory, Drive Scooters, Jazzy,Quantum,Power Wheelchairs,Quickie,Ti-Lite, Drive Manual Wheelchairs, Invacare, Drive, Hospital Beds, Pride Lift Chairs Recliners Patient Lifts & Many Medical devices. We go to extreme lengths to find the very best solution for the repair of your medical device. In some cases a quick repair is necessary to temporarily get your mobility back. A second call may be required to successfully fix the problem, we have access to a number of parts, however at times we must order the original part from the manufacture to resolve the problem completely.  Call: 914.374.2323 Sunday -Saturday 2pm-10pm est                        

Our service is designed to provide emergency repair for broken medical equipment, just schedule a time & we will drive to your location weekends included. We specialize in Scooters & Power WheelChairs for the physically challenged. Repair all Makes & Models of broken Scooters, Power Wheelchairs, Manual Wheelchairs, Hospital Beds, Lift Chairs Recliners Patient Lifts, Stairlifts & Many Medical devices. Call: 914.374.2323 

How often should I charge my electric wheelchair & Scooter

Much like your car needs gas to move, your chair needs a charge to drive and a common question that many power chair owners have is “how often do I charge my electric wheelchair?” There are some simple guidelines to help you maximize your battery life, and ensure you are getting the best range per charge that you can.  Typically, if you use your power wheelchair every day, we recommend charging it every day. The most efficient way to do this is to plug it in when you are finished using it for the day before you go to bed. When you awake, you should have a full charge and are ready to go! If you are an infrequent user, be sure to give your power chair at least a maintenance charge once a week. This will help prevent the cells in your battery from dying prematurely. Call: 914.374.2323 our service team can help!

Call 914.374.2323   2pm -10pm     Monday - Sunday to  schedule a service call!