Stairlift Inspection

    call: 914.374.2323  few problem areas to check before calling 










Unit is not moving at all 

  • Make sure the Power switch under seat is on and green light is on,key is turn on! you wont have a green light or beebing if the key is not turn on.




Unit again is not moving and green light is not on

  • Swivel seat should be in the straight position as if you were riding it. 



Stop and go in the up motion only

  • Possible batteries check when they were replaced last and 
  •  next to the rail the unit rides on is safety plates.
  • Sometimes they get stuck in the down position try pushing them free by lifting the cover plate and pushing it, this will free up the stuck plate on each side up or down.



Unit stopped in the middle or top and down position

  • check to see if there is not something  under the foot plate or sometimes this plate is stuck from side to side, gently move it side to side center it on the foot plate