Sleep is Very Important

Getting enough sleep is important to our weight control program 

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 Six to Eight Hours of sleep 

can tip the scale your way

Avoid sugary drinks
Robert Lustig, an obesity expert at the university of California- San Francisco Children’s Hospital, lays this down as law for his pediatric patients who often get a large percentage of their daily calories from soft drinks. The drinks contain fructose and high fructose corn syrup, both of which can lead to over weight and obesity. Moreover, they’ve got little nutritional value and crowd out nutritious drinks like milk. Cutting out a can of coke a day saves 15 pounds a year.

Wait 20 minutes before a second helping
By pausing, you can make your gut work for you. Once your first portion makes its way to the distal intestine, you can expect help saying “No Thanks” from a hormone that causes the satiety signal to kick in

Solve other problems
People who are over weight and obese often turn to eating to escape some other problems, says Albert Ray, Physician director of patient education and health promotion at the Southern California Kaiser Permanente Medical Group. “If you don’t attack that behavioral problem, all the diet advice in the world won’t help” he says. Kaiser permanente’s weight-loss programs, which help future support groups and other opportunities to talk about non diet problems.

 Make your own dietary rules 

If your eating plan is too restrictive, you won’t stick to it. So, advises Brian Wansink, in his book “Mind less Eating” make your own rules. Perhaps ”no bagels on weekends” or “if I eat the fries, I have to skip dessert.” And allow yourself a few indulgences.” Work it into your calorie budget,”
“it is a life style not just a diet.”