Scooter Inspection call: 914.374.2323


Inspect the scooter before you call for assistance. A few common problem areas to check 

  • Is the scooter battery indicator not showing a full charge after all night charging.
  • Could be a possible battery issue, note when they were replaced,most last around a year or so. 
  • Charger also could be bad, check the reset or fuse to ensure either one has not been tripped. 
  • Your device stops and goes or severely slows down during an incline? Once again batteries are 90% the issue. 
  • There is also a cable that runs from the hand control to the rear this could have a break in it, this will cause it to run erratic. 
  • Check battery cables they become loose and will cause the same issue.
  • Noisy wheels and grinding sounds coming from back, could be the tires are flat on one side. Sometimes they also get out around and cause a rubbing or grinding sound, most of the time you will have two options replacing them
  • Removing both rear wheels reverse them and reattach them to the opposite sides, this will change the rotation. Sometimes this will take care of the problem.
  • Could also be the motor is going out or defective. 
  • Front steering will no longer turn as sharp as before could be the fork holding the wheel is bent from hitting curbs and would need to be straightened or replaced. 
  • The knob for moving your tiller/ hand control forward and back gets loose and on smaller scooters the tiller / hand control can be locked for traveling would need to be released by pulling out and turning the knob located at the bottom of the tiller pole.

Scooter disassembly instructions