Power Wheelchair Inspection 

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Before calling for repair, you can check for areas of potential problems. 

  • Are all lights flashing on the hand control / joy stick? Possible causes could be the hand control hit the wall or door frame. This could damage the entire control. 
  • When the hand control flashes one or two red lights, it is likely that the batteries are no longer taking a charge. Replacement of batteries may be necessary, batteries usually last one year or two depending on usage
  • Is the unit turning to one side or going around in a circle? One of the free wheel levers may not be engaged all the way.
  • Check around the back of the drive wheels. 
  • Do you hear noise from one or both sides of the drive wheels? There could be something wrapped around a wheel. Wheels will pick up parts of carpet and such around the center bolt. 
  • If the rear or front wheels are grinding, the unit may need new bearings. If creaking occurs when moving at a faster pace, the cause may be the drive wheels are going flat. The only solution is replacement. 
  • Another problem may be that one of the drive motors is going bad. 
  • Does the battery light show one green light after charging? Usually this indicates batteries needing replacement. At the same time, have the technician check the charger with a meter. 
  • If the charger is not working the new batteries will also go bad again.