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Weight Control Tips                                                                        
    I have gained weight over the last 25 years up and down from 172 lbs at age 39, to 201 lbs now age 52 did weight 196 lbs in April 2007.

    November 2007 during the use of this program i now weight 174 lbs.
I workout regularly and stay active always, which helps to maintain my weight. I practice not letting my weight get out of hand and I find observing others will help you get started and maintain.

    At first you might not feel good about your self because of your excess weight or shape of your body. See others around you enjoying life's pleasures with little concern for the type of foods or drink, consuming them any time of the day.
    This feeling about your self in comparison to others should only be a reference place to help motivate you and start now to improve your situation. Here we will discuss a few proven tips to help with losing weight and shaping your body and keeping the weight off through a change in your life not only a change in your diet, lets get started.
    The most difficult food item to keep away from is any food that crunches such as, potato chips, crackers etc. those are carbohydrates, check every thing you pick up to eat if carbohydrates exist, stop and find another substitute (raw fruits and vegetables) and stick to it every time, it will become easier.
    Try to drink a gallon of water a day, keep a small 16 oz plastic bottle and keep it full and around every minute. You can drink 8 oz of soda for a little taste difference, if you need to during lunch time, once a day. Start the first 2 weeks to only buy fresh vegetables and fruit, (Workout and exercise, check the section My exercise tips) spend half hour cutting the vegetables up and storing them in a large salad bowel container with a lid and place in refrigerator, (the more different kinds of items the better). During your breakfast have a bowel of oat meal with a glass of juice or milk, then coffee its ok if needed. Lunchtime eat a healthy full meal remember the food choices no carbohydrates you don't have to eat just a salad a little carbs, during lunch is ok. As long as you are maintaining a workout program.       

     Every night when you get home, open up the vegetable container put two full hands in a separate bowel and mix in vegetable oil first ( cooking the oil in a fry pan will burn all the nutrients out, then put them in a fry pan with a little more of vegetable oil and cook, not to long, just before taking off the burner add a little seasoned salad dressing for flavor, you need the crunch in the food to satisfy your desire. Try drinking a glass of milk 2% or 1% as cold as you can stand it, you can also drink 8 oz of soda for a little different taste only once a day if you had soda for lunch don't drink again at night. Do this as long as you like after the first two weeks what this will do is push out all the toxins, the preservatives absorbed in your diet previously. You will also shrink your stomach, stop for 5 min. during your meal, this will let your system digest and you will feel full. If you do not eat such a large portion of food, you will be getting full during meal time this will be quicker as you increase, try not drinking to much water a night unless this is your active time / work time.
    Then after four weeks start adding egg whites, nuts,  grains and allot of fish for protein etc. The program you have started, you will see how much more energy you have which keeps increasing and your weight keeps decreasing. What happens is your body can burn the fat from your system just by sitting and therefore increasing your metabolism to burn more during your exercise time, 
    Keep it up as much as you can, the important thing is to be ok with this program and maintain at your own speed and if you cannot do it all at first during this period its ok, the first two weeks can be the hardest because of our schedules and time available. Just keep it up and it will work into your schedule. Try different meals with all kinds of vegetables steaming broccoli is the best with a little butter sprinkled on. The more you do with this program the better you will feel and your energy will increase, don't forget the exercise program it will work. Follow the audio sections and written version as closely as possible revisit them every time you feel down, you are not missing anything and you will not only look better you will increase your health.

Do any or all of this with your doctors advice if your under the doctors care