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Exercise Program
    I start my week with a Monday morning bowl of oatmeal and milk with a little raisens for sweetness and walnuts texture. I work 8 hours a day therefore, during lunch I eat a full meal at least three days a week. When I arrive home, I start running 3 miles, not to fast about a 11 min mile Monday, Wednesday and Friday a week (could do the same in the morning depends on your schedule). You can start out walking for a week then jogging as you increase your endurance and then speed  up to a running pace, the time spent during this cardio exercise is one of the most critical parts to have your heart rate sustained at your needed level (check a cardio chart).

Tuesday and Thursday I do 5 exercises.

One is using a hand roller looks like a small wheel with handles on both sides, on my hands knees rolling out as far as my arms go and back again, great for the lower stomach 30 reps 3 times.
Second leg lifts laying on the floor with my hands under my butt and suspending my legs for 90 reps 3 times.
Third  stomach crunches (not extreme) raise my head with my legs bent around a foot off the floor 30 reps 3 times (like sit-ups just not as far) keeping my head looking up to the ceiling, to prevent from crunching neck.
Fourth sit on my side and lean on my elbow bent and raise my butt from on my tip toes 60 reps 3 times.
Fifth 30 pushups 3 times (women can do these from your knees).
    All of these exercises can be done to fit your schedules, however the time spent for each exercise needs to be as close as you can. All five can be completed in 30 mins or so.

 More to come later stay tuned in