dvd list


Video title or name Description Etc. Actor/Actress or Name Dvd #
48 Hours Police Comedy Eddie Murphy 63
8 Below North Pole Suspense dogs left on ther 143
8 Seconds Modern day rodeo rider true story 141
A League of Their own Womans Baseball team Jena Davis 151
A Nights tale Comedy Josting love story Heath Ledger 133
A scent of a Women Blind wealthy man helps out student Al Pacino 162
A Time to Kill Black man in south kills 2 men 4 his Mathew Mconah,Samuel Jackson 166
African Queen Black & White Version Bogie & Catheryn Hephurn 214
Alien R Si Fi Creatures Sigourney Weaver 18
All in the Family 20th Anniversary Tv Serious 57
All of Me Two People in One Steve Martin & Lillie Tomline 44
Always Forest Fire Fighting John Goodman 101
Amazing Stories WW 2 Plaine Adventure Harrison Ford 85
American Beauty Family is held hostage twisted Kevin Spacy 189
American President President dating comedy Michael Douglas 156
American Werewolf in London Si Fi Thriller 59
Amos n Andrew Police Comedy Nicholas Cage,Samuel Jackson 23
An Unfinished Life Back Country life and family Morgan Freeman,Jennifer Lopez 161
Analyze This Therapist helping a mob king pin Robert Deniro,Billy Crystal 179
Angels W Dirty Faces Dead End Kids James Cagney 83
Apocalypse Now R Vietnam War Martin Sheen 45
Apollo 13  the first Astronauts in space Tom Hanks, Ed Harris 177
Arachnophobia Spiders Adventures Jeff Daniel's 110
Arlington Rd Suspense about bombings usa attacksJeff Bridges, Tim Robbins 213
Arm of Darkness 20th century man travels back to 16th 122
Arsnic & Old Lace comedy sisters killing men Carry Grant 179
As Good As it gets comedy man with OCD Jack Nicolson,Helen Hunt 139
Awakenings Drama of mental patient awakes Robert Deniro, Robin Williams 175
Baby Boom Raising a child alone Diane Keaton 74
Back to the Future The first of sequal Michael J Fox 136
Back to the Future 2 Action Comedy Christopher LoydMichael J Fox 103
Back to the Future 3 Time Travel Action Comedy Michael J Fox,Mary Steenburgen 46
Backdraft (R) Firefighters Action Jeff Bridges 106
Basic Instinct Murder Drama Sharon Stone,Michael Douglas 98
Batman T.V. report on making of film 67
Batteries not Included Little Spaceships comedy Hume Cronyn 115
Video title or name Description Etc. Actor/Actress or Name Dvd #
Behind Enemy Lines Plane down in Bosnia Owen Wilson, Gene Hackman 203
Bells Of Saint Mary 50.s Monastery Bing Crosby 16
Beyond the Poseidon Titanic Sally Fields 71
Beyond The Sea Bobby Darren Special tribute Kevin Spacy 135
Big Business Twin Girls have doubles,good&bad Bet Midler,Lillian Tomlin 95
Big Fish Fairy tale narrated by grandfather Albert Finney,Jessic lang 163
Big Jake Adventure Western John Wayne 6
Big Trouble in Little China Action Comedy Kurt Russell 77
Bill Cosby Himself Stand up or sit Comedy Bill Cosby 171
Billy Jack Against the 60�s Establishment 47
Black Rain (R) China Crime Action Michael Douglas 31
Black Stallion Horse story Micky Rooney 160
Black Widow Adult Mystery Debra Winger 19
Blade Runner Si Fi Futuristic Harrison Ford 61
Blazing Saddles Comedy, western Gene Wilder,Mel Brooks 28
Blood Diamond Gems imported from africa Leonardo DiCaprio 198
Blownaway Action,Suspence Bomb Squad attack Jeff Bridges,Tim Robins 28
Blues Brothers Comedy John Belushi,Dan Ackroid 16
Body Heat Detective was tricked to murder Kathleen Turner, William Hurt 190
Boiler House Investing company and fraud Matt Damion,Ben Aflac 189
Bourne Identity Espionage Suspense Matt Damon 145
Boy From Deadsman Bayou Boys Looking for Treasure Walt Disney 76
Bradshaw Homecoming of the inner soul Inner Healing 72
Brainstorm Computer mind Natalie Wood 8
BraveHeart 18th Century war Mel Gibson 1
Breakdown Drama Couple is car jacked & wife Kurt Russel 175
Breakfast at Tiffany�s Comedy in th 40�s Audrey Hepburn,George Peppard166
Breaking Away Indiana IU Bike Racing Dennis Quaid 210
Brewsters Millions Try to spend a millions Richard Pryor 34
Bridge over River Kwai 40�s concentration camp Alec Guiness 37
Bridges of Madison County Love story and farming Merril Streep,Clint Eastwood 153
Brinks Job Robbery Adventure Peter Faulk 85
Bullet Police action Steve McQueen 47
Butch Cassidy & Sun dance Kid Western Drama Robert Redford 21
CaddyShack Golf Comedy Bill Murray,Roger Dangerfield 73
Cahill US Marshel Western as a bounty hunter John Wayne 186
Video title or name Description Etc. Actor/Actress or Name Dvd #
Captain Ron Sailing Comedy Kurt Russell,Martin Short 123
Cassandra Crossing Train Mystery Sophia Loren 78
Cat Ballou Musical Comedy Jane Fonda,Lee Marvin 176
Catch me if You can Boy In new york breaks away from Leonardi Dicaprio 144
Changing Lanes Hit & Run  Suspense Ben Afleck,Samual Jackson 99
Charade Murder Mystery Cary Grant 11
Chariots Of Fire Trails of a Runner Ben Cross 15
Charlie Chaplin #2 Making Films in his day Documentary 34
Cheech & Chong Up in smoke comedy the guys 96
Cheers Last Show May 21,1993 All the old cast 23
Chicago Stage Production Cathleen Zeta Jones 191
Children of a Lesser God Love Story of a deaf girl William Hurt 92
Chisum Western John Wayne 60
Cider House Rules in the 30�s orphans adventure Michael Caine, 142
City Heat Comedy Police action Clint Eastwood,Burt Reynolds 33
City of Angels Mortal Angels come to earth to help Nicolus Cage, Meg Ryan 213
Cloak & Dagger Kids Action Comedy Dabney Coleman 79
Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind UFO first seen suspense Richard Dryfuss,Terri Garr 134
Closer Two men love one women Julia Roberts, Jude Law 130
Club Paradise Night Club owner in Bahamas Robin Williams 5
Cocoon Elderly find fountain of youth Wilford Brumly 154
Cocoon the Return Sequel to First visiting Aliens Don Ameche 101
Collaterial Damage Firefighter�s family terriost plot Arnold Schwarzenegger 205
Color of Money Pool Room Contests Tom Cruise 8
Color Purple Womens Troubles in Deep South Oprah, Woopie, Danny Glover 215
Comanecheros Western John Wayne 46
Computer That Wore Tennis ShoesKids Comedy Kurt Russell 33
Coogans Bluff 60� Police story Clint Eastwood 9
Cool Runnings Jamaica Bobsled John Candy 117
Corrina Corrina black women helps out with fathers lifeWoopie Goldberg 159
Courage Under Fire Women Officer Killed in combat Meg Ryan, Denzel Washington 170
Crime Story The Movie 40�s Police action T.V. Series 50
Crimson Tide Love story Barbra Striestrand,Nic Nolte 159
Crocodile Dundee Australia Comedy Paul Hogan 61
Cross Creek Woman Writer in the deep south Mary Steenburgen 17
Crossing Guard Tradegy of a childs death Jack Nicolson 178
Video title or name Description Etc. Actor/Actress or Name Dvd #
Crossing to freedom Suspense war children Peter O tool 88
Dad Taking care of elderly parents Ted Danson 108
Dances with Wolfs Western on American Indians Kevin Costner 54
Dangerous Minds School teacher struggles in new scho Michelle Peiffer 157
Dark Horses Troubled Youth & Horses Ed Bagley 120
Darn Cat Comedy Mystery Dean Jones 89
Dave President�s struggles and dies Kevin Klien 156
De Ja Vu war time Imformant Denzel Washington 192
Dead Again (R) Reincarnation Kenneth Branaugh 11
Dead of Winter Murder Mystery Mary Steenburgen 20
Deceived Married husband with dual lifes Goldy Hawn 155
Derailed an affair gone bad Jennifer Aniston,Clive Owens 194
Desk Set 40�s comedy black and white Spencer Tracy, Kathren Hepburn 173
Dirty Dozen Prisoners used to fight war Lee Marvin 113
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Comedy about conmen Steve Martin, Michael Caine 210
Disclosure computer tech war Michael Douglas, Demi Moore 189
Don Juan Demarco Comedy love story real life don juan Johnny Depp,Marlon Brandon 165
Dont Eat the Daisies City Couple Moves to country Doris Day 24
Double Jeopardy Drama suspense women kille Ashley Judd, Tommy Lee Jones 168
Dragon Slayer Medieval Dragon Walt Disney 63
Draw Western Comedy Kirk Douglas 13
Dream team Action Comedy Michael Keaton,Peter Boyle 106
Dreamscape Men Traveling in others dreams Dennis Quaid 17
Dutch Comedy man & boy bonding Ed Harris 140
E.T. Family discovers alien being 181
Ed Sullivan Show T.V. Memories Ed him self 57
El Darado Western John Wayne 35
Empire Strikes Back # 2 Sequel Mark Hammel 32
Enforcer Police action Clint Eastwood 14
Enough women is abused by husband  runnin Jennifer Lopez 169
Entrapment Money Heist in Asia Jean Connery, Katheryn Sata 212
Erin Brocknovich Drama community poison water Julie Roberts, Albert Finney 168
Ever After Medevil love story Drew Barrymore 210
F/X Murder Mystery Mark Crisman 3
F/X #2 Action Mystery Mark Crisman 10
Family Delashmit Kids Misc B-Days Alan�s 43
Video title or name Description Etc. Actor/Actress or Name Dvd #
Family Jewels Comedy about rich youth adopted Jerry Lewis 91
Fatal Attraction Murder Mystery Glenn Close,Micheal Douglas 31
Father Goose 50�s War Time Comedy Cary Grant 74
Faulty Towers Collection of English Comedy John Cleese 5
Few Good Men Marine Court room Drama Tom Cruise,Demi Moore 22
Fields of Dreams Farmer Builds a baseball field Kevin Costner,Amy Manigun 104
Finians Rainbow Story telling leprecaun Fred Astaire 187
Fire in the Sky Suspense si-fi man taken by aliens Jeff Bridges 23
FireBird Plane adventure Nicholas Cage 101
First Knight 18th century knights strugggles action Sean Connery,Richard Greer 157
Flamingo Kid Gambling College Youth Matt Dillon 103
Flashdance Musical pop Dance Jennifer Beals 178
Fletch Investigating Comedy Chevy Chase 62
Fools Rush In Comedy man marries unlikly partner Matthew Perry,Selma Haysack 166
Forever Young Frozen in Time Mel Gibson,Jamie Lee Curtis 118
Forget Paris Basketball Ref and wife comedy Billy Crystal 152
Fracture Man kills wife & gets away with it Anthony Hopkins 199
Frankie and Johnny convict working @ dinner comedy Al Pacino, Michelle Peiffer 169
Free Willie Wale orca saved by a boy Walt Disney 141
French Connection #2 Police Action Gene Hackman 4
French Kiss Paris romance Meg Ryan 152
Frisco Kid Rabbi Goes West Gene Wilder 81
Fugitive Doctor accused of killing his wife Harrison Ford 140
Fun W Dick & jane Comedy couple looses jobs Jim Carry 164
Funny Farm Comedy Chevy Chase 68
Gattiga SiFi Adventure to Space 212
General Daughter Army daughter commits suicide John Travolta 132
Get Smart Again T.V. Series Don Adams 36
Ghost Supernatural drama Demi Moore,Patrck Swayze 110
Ghostbusters Comedy of ghost catchers Dan Akroyd,Bill Murry 179
Gifted One One arm Baseball Pitcher Pete Kowawko 76
Girl Who Spelled Freedom Vietnam Girl & Family go to America T.V.Pilot 83
Glass Bottom Boat 50�s 1st space travels comedy Doris day 25
Glory Civil War Suspense Matthew Broderick 2
Going South Writers Adventures in deep south Mary Steenburgen 21
Golden Child Supernatural Comedy Eddie Murphy 59
Video title or name Description Etc. Actor/Actress or Name Dvd #
Gone Baby Gone Mystery child missing Casey Aflack,Morgan Freeman 211
Gone In 60 Seconds Crime stealing cars Nicholas Cage 146
Good Neighbor Sam 50�s executive Comedy Jack Lemon 69
Good Will Hunting Young man finding his way from homeMatt Damon, Robin Williams 138
Gorillas in the Mist Women Studies in the Jungle Sigourney Weaver 114
Great Escape Hitler�s time war concentration camp Steve Mcqeen 167
Great Outdoors Vacation Comedy John Candy 75
Green Berets Korean Wartime John Wayne 39
Green Mile Death row inmates and servival Tom Hanks,David Moorse 215
Gross Anatomy College Pre-Med Comedy Matthew Modine 107
Gullivers Travel ?
Gun in Betty Lous Hand bag Comedy Police spoof Penelope Ann Miller 119
Hamlet Kings rule times Mel Gibson 111
Hannibal Serial Killer sequal Anthony Hopkins,Julian Moore 133
Hardball 1 Comedy John Laraquett 83
Hatari In Africa Suspense John Wayne 80
High Road to China Bagdad war time action Tom Selic 64
Highlander Medieval Sword action Christopher Lambert 93
History of Violence Hit man turns family man Viggo Mortense,Ed Harris 191
Hitch love comedy match maker Will Smith, Kevin James 127
Honey I Shrunk the Kids Family shrunk  comedy Rick Morrantis 149
Hook Peter Pan Remake Robin Williams,Julie Roberts 12
Hot Paint Slapstick Comedy John Larroquette 84
House House Supernatural suspense Richard Mall 63
How to Murder Your Wife Cartoon Writer plans 2 kill wife Jack Lemon 109
Hunt for Red October German war Submarine Sean Connery 64
Ice Castles Love Story youth Skater Robbie Benson 65
Ice Pirates Futuristic planet struggle for Ice Robert Urch 22
Identity Murder Mystery John Cusak 211
Independence Day SiFi Attacking the earth Will Smith 149
Indiana Jones last Crusade Sequel Harrison Ford,Sean Connery 100
Inner space Time Travel in human body Dennis Quaid 26
Inside Man Thriller Bank robber stashes away Denzel Washington,Jodie Foster 180
Internal Sunshine of Spottless Mindmemory removal scheme gone bad Jim Carey,Kate Winslet 129
Intersection Mid life changes Richard Greer 158
Iron Will Snow sled race boy & his dog Kevin Spacey 125
Video title or name Description Etc. Actor/Actress or Name Dvd #
James Taylor In Concert  1988 Himself 26
Jewel of the Nile Action Love story Michael Douglas 93
Jurassic Park 3 Sequal to pre historic animals Sam Neil 213
K-Pax Mentally Disturbed Father Kevin Spacy,Jeff Bridges 212
K2 Ultimate High Suspense adventure mountain 12
Kelly�s Heros Army war suspense Clint Eastwood 44
Kindergarden Cop Comedy Cop possing as Teacher Arnold Swartsenager 212
Ladder 49 Fire Fighters Suspense John Travolta, Joaquin Phoenix 127
Lady Hawk Sword Action Rutger Howard 75
Last Samurai Suspense,Drama china warlords Tom Cruise 30
Lemony Snicket Fairy tale adventure Jim Carey 147
Les Miserables 19th Century father drama in jail Liam Neesen 53
Lethal Weapon Action Comedy Mel Gibson ?
Liar Liar Comdey man cant tell a lie Jim Carey 136
License to Kill Youth struggles to get his License comedy 58
Lighthouse island Drama 52
Listen to Me Comedy Kurt Cameron 55
Little Giants Baseball team young kids Ed Oneal 159
Look Whos Talking Family with talking babies John Travolta 4
Magnum Force Suspense,action dirty harry sequel Clint Eastwood 32
Major League comedy farm league baseball Tom Barringer,Charlie Sheen 174
Malice Suspence,Drama man & Wife,doctor Alec Baldwin,Nicole Kidman 28
Man From Snowy River Western in back country Ireland Tom Burlinson 112
Man of the Year Commedian Running for President Robin Williams 200
Man on Fire Young girl of wealth in 3rd world Denzal Washington 204
Man with one Red Shoe Comedy Spy Spoof Tom Hanks 25
Manchurian Candidate Si Fi political brainwashing Denzel Washington 193
Manhunter Suspense serial Killer csi guy 37
Mans Favorite Sport Comedy about fishing Rock Hudson 116
Mary Tyler Moore T.V. Show the early cast 57
Mask Comedy man changes self with mask Jim Carey 4
Max Dugan Returns Comedy,Drama Mathrew Brodwick 84
Meat Balls Comedy Bill Murray 34
Medicine Man Doctor goes to Africa Sean Connery 121
Memoir of a Geisha Japanese girls becoming women 188
Men Of Honor Drama deep sea diving Robert Deniro 180
Video title or name Description Etc. Actor/Actress or Name Dvd #
MI 2 Action Suspense spy Tom Cruise 153
Miami Vice Crocet & Tubs goes to California Don Johnson 88
Midnight Run Bounty Hunters exploits Robert Deniro 126
Mighty Ducks Young lawyer & community Service Emilio Esteves 123
Minority Report Futuristic cops seeing the Future crimeTom Cruise, 214
Mirracle on 34th St. Santa Clause drama in 40”s 86
Misery Suspense twisted drama Cathy Bates,james Cann 54
Mo Better Blues Jazz artist family life Denzel Washington 171
Money Pit Comedy,Drama couple�s first house Tom Hanks,Shelly Long 13
Moon Over Parador Man Posses as leader of country Richard Dryfuss 104
Moonstruck Italian family strugles love story Nicolas Cage,Cher 154
Mr.Baseball Major League player goes 2 Japan Tom Selic 124
Mr.Hollands ops Music instructor in college Richard Dryfuss 141
Mr.Mom comedy father staying home to raise Michael Keaton 60
Multiplicity Man clones himself comedy Michael Keaton 135
Murder by death Drama murder spoof Peter Sellers 67
Music Man Musical Comedy Robert Preston 41
Must love Dogs Comedy love story John Cusack,Diane Lane 164
My Big Fat Greek Wedding comedy romance John Corbett,Lanie Kazam 150
My Blue Heaven Mofia Witness protection comedy Steve Martin,John Cusak 109
My Dog Skip Kids Movie of lost dogs Kevin Bacon 176
My Favorite Wife Comedy 40�s wife lost and found Cary Grant 6
Mystic River Suspense,Drama 3 boys grow up Sean Penn,Tim Robins 24
Nadine Mofia chasing couple for money Jeff Bridges,Kim Basinger 107
Narrow Margin Train Suspense witness protection Gene Hackman 56
National Lampoons Christmas Vac Comedy family reunion Chevy Chase,Randy Quad 112
National Lampoons loaded gun comedy spoof Chairlie Sheen 79
Navy Seals Wartime espionage action Charlie Sheen 56
Newsies Musical youth paper boys in the 40�s Walt Disney 120
Nothing but Trouble Comedy wild adventure John Candy 111
Nothing In Common Business man falls in love Tom Hanks 27
Notting Hill Actress falls for librarian Julia Roberts,Hugh Grant 131
Oceans 11 Suspense theft of a casino George Clooney,Julie Roberts 156
Oceans 12 Sequel to first oceans 11 Brad Pitt,George Clooney 185
October Sky Boy in Minning town experience 142
On Golden Pond Retired Couple struggles Henry Fonda, Katherine Hepburn 66
Video title or name Description Etc. Actor/Actress or Name Dvd #
Once Upon a Crime Comedy Mystery John Candy,Sybil Shepherd 123
Once Upon a time In American 1930�s Gangster story Robert Deniro, James Woods 209
One Fine Day Divorced single parents children meet George Clooney, Michell Peffier 132
One Flew Over The Cocoos nest Mental Patients trials in prison Jack Nicolson 174
Operation Petticoat WW2 ship comedy Cary Grant,Tony Curtis 110
Out land Futuristic Planet Travels Sean Connery 40
Out of Time Action Futuristic time travels Adam Ant 19
Outlaw Josey Whales Western Drama Clint Eastwood 97
Outrages Fortune Comedy about sisters Shelly Long, Bet Midler 174
Over the Top Drama Arm Wrestling contest Sylvester Stallon 59
Overboard Comedy wife lost memory Kurt Russel,Goldie Hawn 176
Paint Your Wagon Western Mining town Musical Clint Eastwood,James Coburn 41
Pale Rider Western Drama Clint Eastwood 38
Panic Room Women & Child locked in room Jodie Foster,Forest Whitakker 183
Papillon War Prisoners attemp escape Steve Mcqueen,Dustin Hoffman 114
Passenger 57 Terroist Highjack plane Wesly Snips 119
Perfect Strangers Online Dating Bruce Willis, Halle Barry 206
Peter Pan Stage Play Mary Martin 52
Phenomenon Man and special powers to see future John Travolta 152
Pillow talk Juicy Phone gossip Rock Hudson,Dorris Day 108
Pink Panther Sequal Peter Sellers, David Niven 128
Pink Panther Strikes Again Comedy Chief gets out of Hospital Peter Sellers 45
Pink Panther the trial Sequal to #128 Peter Sellers, David Niven 128
Places in the Heart Drama women�s struggles on farm Sally Fields 68
Planes,Trains & Automobiles Comedy thanksgiving trip Steve martin,John Candy 38
Platoon Vietnam War suspense Charlie Sheen,William Defoe 163
Popeye Musical Comedy Spoof on Cartoon Robin Williams 12
Practical Magic comedy with modern day witches Nicole Kidman,Sandra Bullock 131
Prancer Walt Disney 40
Predator Si Fi Alien hunted in jungle Arnold Schwartzinager 125
Private Eyes Comedy Spy Spoof Don Knots 61
Prize Winner of Defiance Child 1956 Family winning contests Woody Heroldson,Julianne 130
Pulp Fiction 70�s drama drug and murder Samuel J Jackson,John Travolta 182
Pure Luck Spy Spoof Martin Short,Danny Glover 105
Pursuit of D.B. Cooper Daring Escape man & a Plane Robert Duvall 76
Quigley Down Under Sharp Shooter in the back country Tom Sellic 137
Video title or name Description Etc. Actor/Actress or Name Dvd #
Raiders of the Lost Ark Action Suspense in search of Harrison Ford 70
Raiders of the Lost Ark 2 Suspense Drama Tresure hunt Harrison Ford & Sean Connery 94
Rain Maker Musical Suspense Kirk Douglas 9
Rainman Drama /Comedy mental patient brotherTom Jones,Dustin Hofman 175
Raising Arizona Comedy Suspense Nicolas Cage 92
Raw Deal Police Drama 56
Ray original life story of ray charles Jamie Fox 148
Rear Window Suspense Writer confined to house Jimmy Stewart 32
Red Dawn Drama Russian take over town Patric Swazie 78
Regarding Henry Drama man is child like after shot Harrison Ford 11
Relucant Astronaut Comedy Unlikely Candidate Don Knots 36
Remember the Titans Football Team inerracial town Denzel Washington 142
Remo Williams Adventure Comedy Spy spoof Wilford Brumley 42
Renaissance man English teacher assigned to military Danny Devito 177
Return Of Man from Snowy River Sequel 2 man from snowy river Tom Burlinson 122
Return of the Jedi Suspense Space travels Mark Hamel 48
Return To Me Women gets heart transplant David Duchovney,Minnie Driver 168
Right Stuff Drama Astronauts space travel Ed Harris 87
Rio Lobo Western John Wayne 91
River Drama Family Struggles with flooding Sissy Spacek,Mel Gibson 62
Robin Hood Adventure Taditional Story Kevin Costner 9
Robo Cop 1 Futureistic Cop drama 92
Robo Cop 2 Drama Suspense action Police 58
Rock-a-Baby Comedy man takes care of 3 babies Jerry Lewis,Connie Stevens 7
Roman Holiday Comedy Princess hides in the public Audrea Hepburn 16
Romancing the Stone Suspense action in 3rd world country Michael Douglas,Kathleen Turner 153
Rooster Cogburn Western bounty hunter John Wayne 187
Roxanne Cyranno  spoof Steve Martin 68
Rudy Notre Dame Football Walkon Sean Astin,Ned Betty 117
Rules of Engagement war in yemen soldiers fire upon crowdSamuel L Jackson,Tommy Lee 180
Runaway Action future robots help in homes Tom Selic 27
Running Scared two cops own a skating shop Billy Crystal, 201
Ruthless People Comedy Man Trying to kill wife Danny Devito,Bet Midler 108
Sand Pepples Drama War in Asia & us Ship Steve McQueen 82
Sandolot Baseball backyard drama Dennis Leary,James Earl Jones 115
Sarah Love story in the west 1800�s Glen Close,Christopher Walken 151
Video title or name Description Etc. Actor/Actress or Name Dvd #
Saving Private Ryan 4 brothers and war Tom Hanks, Matt Damion 197
Scavenger Hunt Comedy mans last will to scavenger James Coco 71
Scrooge Play on Christmas Story Albert Finny 84
Second Sight Comedy Slapstick John Larroquette 57
Serendipity Comedy love story John Cusack,Katie Beckinsale 162
Serpico Suspense Police corruption Al Pachino 14
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Musical comedy western Howard Keel 78
Shaggy Dog Comedy sequel to Shaggy DA Walt Disney 15
Shakiest Gun In the West Comedy Western Spoof Don Knots,Tim Conway 5
Shall We Dance Japanese dancing subtitles Foreign Actors 165
ShawShank Redemption Prison suspense Tim Robins,Morgan Freeman 140
Shes Having a Baby Comedy young couple struggles new Kevin Bacon 31
Short Circuit Comedy military robot escapes Alley Sheedy 13
Shot in the Dark Comedy Action Peter Sellers 15
Silver Streak Comedy Train Ride Suspense Gene Wilder 65
Silverado Western Action Kevin Costner 42
Simon Birch Young Child with Disfiguring Desease Ashley Judd, Oliver Platt 214
Sixth Sense Boy seeing dead people & helping Bruce Willis,Joel Osment 181
Skeleton Key Witch craft in new orleans Kate Hudson, John Hurt 207
Sleeper Comedy futuristic life Woody Allen,Diane Keaton 167
Sneakers Suspense hacking computers Robert Redford,Dan Akroyd 124
Some like It Hot comedy in the 40�s Jack lemmon,Marlyn Monroe 162
Something Got to Give Romantic Comedy Jack Nicleson, Diane Keaton 211
Sons of Katie Elder Western Dean Martin 19
Specialist Action hit man for the Police Sylvester Stallone 155
Speed Zone Comedy Spoof on Cops John Candy 102
Spies Like Us Comedy unlikely spies Dan Accroid 51
Stand by Me Comedy youth gang travel across Keifer Sutherland 25
Star chamber Drama Court Justice corrupted Michael Douglas 73
Star Trek the Movie #4 Sequel William Shatner 67
Star Wars Action 1st in series Mark Hamel 48
Starman Suspense alien comes to earth to helpJeff Bridges 29
Staying Alive Dancing romance John Travolta 8
Steel Magnolies Comedy marriage all womens past Dolly Parton, 158
Sting Suspense comedy gamblers revenge Robert Redford, Paul Newman 79
Stir Crazy Comedy prison troubles Gene Wilder 91
Video title or name Description Etc. Actor/Actress or Name Dvd #
Stir of Echoes family man descovers a body Kevin Bacon 188
Stop or My Mom Will Shoot You Comedy female police Sylvester Stallon,Estelle Getty 105
Story Teller Fairy tale youth grows to half boy & T.V. Pilot 50
Strips Comedy Boot camp struggles Bill Murray,John Candy 27
Surviving the Game Man taken into a human gaem hunt 187
Survivors Comedy Survivalist go crazy Robin Williams 3
Tango & Cash Action Suspense spy race Kurt Russell,Sylvester Stallon 109
Tank Comedy boot camp James Gardner 60
Terminator SiFi earth envasion Arnold Swartsenager 212
Terminator #2 Action liquid man Arnold Swarzenneger 10
Terms of Endearment Drama Young mother dies of cancer Shirley McClain,Jack Nicholas 66
The Air Up there Unlikly African basketball comedy Kevin Bacon 116
The Associate Comedy women making it in mans Woopie Goldberg 178
The Bear Documentary of one small Bear Animals 29
The Big Chill Family copes with friends and death Glen Close,William Hurt 190
The Big red one WW 2 army suspense James Coburn 85
The Caddy Slapstick Comedy Jerry Lewis 7
The Client boys witness a suicide Susan Surrandon, Tommy Lee 188
The Cowboys Western Boys & Old man on the trail John Wayne 94
The Doctor Doc helps with cancer treatment William Hurt 154
The Family Man Wealthy man trades life with the future Nicolas Cage,Tea Leone 164
The Firm Suspense Lawyers corruption Tom Cruise       (1hr left on tape) 102
The Game Adult game played out in life action Michael Douglas 171
The Gauntlet Detective takes women to trial Clint Eastwood,Lora Locke 190
The Illusionist 1800�s Magician trails suspense Edward Norton 202
The King And I Comedy/Musical Yul Brenner 36
The King of Comedy Comedy dark satar game show Jerry Lewis,Robert Dinero 7
The Last Starfighter Space drama young adults Robert Preston 81
The Main Event Comedy,Drama Barbara Striestrand 82
The Man Who Knew to Much Suspense Alfred Hitchcock Jimmy Stewart 44
The Natural Ty Cob�s Life in Baseball Robert Redford 80
The Net Computer program missing Sandra Bulloc 157
The Old Man &  the Sea Ocean & man in boat Anthony Quin 87
The Pursuit of Happiness Man down and out becomes Will Smith 195
The Shootest Western John Waynes dies of cancer John Wayne 186
The Skeleton Key Superstition & Ghost, aid to help Kate Hudson 184
Video title or name Description Etc. Actor/Actress or Name Dvd #
The Three Amigos 3 Actors think they r n a movie Steve Martin, Martin Short 77
The Twilight Zone Shattered live suspense Bruse Willis 87
The Undeafeted Western Suspense John Wayne 88
The Verdict Lawyer suspense Tom Cruise 52
The White Buffalo Western Indian Suspense 86
They Might be Giants Drama Man thinks he is Sherloc George C Scott 35
This is My Life Drama standup comics Julie Kavner,Dan Akroyd 122
Thomas Crown Affair Wealthy man robs museum art Pierce Bronson,Renee Russo 165
Those Men in There Flying Comedy 40�s airplane race 113
Three Days of the Condor Action Spy Adventure Robert Redford 62
Three Kings Irac War and USA troops take gold George Clooney,Mark Warburg 213
Thunderbolt & Lightfoot Drama bank robbers last job Clint Eastwood,Jeff Bridges 17
Tin Cup Unsuspected man plays to win Kevin Costner 151
Tombstone Western gun slingers Kurt Russel,Val Kilmer 118
Tootsie Comedy man dressing up as a actressDustin Hoffman,Bill Murray 49
Top Gun Drama Suspense Airforce Tom Cruse 196
Top Secret Action Omar Sherif 55
Topper Comedy 50�s ghost adventures Cary Grant 65
Total Recall Action futuristic space Arnold Swarzenneger 95
Tour of Duty Suspense 1st in TV series Vietnam T.V.Pilot 14
Toy Story Walt Disney animated  1hr Left on tape 100
Traffic Drug war suspense Michael Douglas,Benicio Del Toro170
Train Robbers Western John Wayne 81
Trip to Bountiful Comedy Elderly Family in the deep Jeraldine Page 64
Tron Action futuristic about computers Jeff Bridges 90
True Blue Police drama 58
True Grit Western With grit Haha John Wane,Kim Darby,Glen 181
True Lies Suspense Top secret espionage Arnold Schwartzinager 134
Turner & Hooch Policeman and his dog comedy Tom Hanks 137
Turning Point two ballerina travels aprt Ann Bancroft 158
Twins Unlikly Twins Comedy Arnold Swazinager,Danny Devito 95
Two Mules For Sister Sarah Comedy western Clint Eastwood,Shirley McClain 10
Uncle Buck Comedy Baby sitter Uncle struggles John Candy 103
Uncommon Valor Action Vietnam Prison Gene Hackman 50
Universal Soldier Army Experimental Soldier Jon Claude van Dame 121
Up Close and Personal journalist suspense Robert Redford,Michelle Peiffer 149
Video title or name Description Etc. Actor/Actress or Name Dvd #
Vanilla Sky Suspense wealthy man disfigured faceTom Cruise 160
Vertigo Suspense murder Alfred Hitchcock Jimmy Stewart 40
War Wagon Western Take a stand against robbers Kurt Douglas 85
Wargames Comedy youth hacks into the military Matthew Broderick 70
Were Talking Serious Money Comedy Suspense 2 hasbeen mob  .Fariantino 21
West Side Story Stage Production Natilie Wood 191
What About Bob Therapist comedy Bill Murry,Richard Dryfuss 105
Where Eagles Dare Action WW 2 Suspense Richard Burton 26
Where Talking Serious Money Mofia Comedy Dennis Farina,Leo Rossi 119
White Fang Dog Sled run Walt Disney 112
White Line Fever Drama Union teamsters fight Jan Michael Vincent 69
White Noise Si Fi Suspense Kevin Bacon 208
White Squall Fisher men stuck in a huge storm Jeff Bridges, 186
White Water Summer Comedy Suspense kids on rafting trip Kevin Bacon 38
Who's Minding the Mint Comedy unlikely friends heist gold Dean Jones 33
Wicker Park Love story with strange twist Josh 129
Wilderness Family Drama Family moves to a cabin in the Walt Disney 86
Wind Adventure,Drama sailing race Mathew Modine 20
Winner Never Quits Drama Youth Plays baseball with one Keith Carradine 73
With Six you get Egg rolls Comedy two family marriages Brian Keith 6
Witness Action Police chase a suspected Harrison Ford 77
Yental Musical Jewish woman posses as a Barbara Streisand 69
Young At Heart 40�s comedy black and white Doris Day, Frank Sinatra 172
Young Frankenstein comedy spoof Gene Wilder,Terri Garr 167
Young Harry Houdini Comedy Story of his life Walt Disney 46
Young Sherlock Holmes Action Story of his life with magic 1985 tv pilot 51
Zulu Action Africa Civil war & English Michael Cain 53