Manual Wheel Chair Inspection

Call: 914.374.2323  Sunday - Saturday 2pm to 10pm

Before you call check a few trouble areas of you Wheel chair

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There are a couple of things to check on your wheel chair
  1. If you feel that the brakes are no longer gripping or stopping 
  • Check the tire pressure or the wear of the tires this will cause the brakes to not function properly.
  1. The seat seems to sage allot 
  • The seat cover may need to be replaced or the screws/bolts are missing that holds the seat to wheel chair
  1.  Wheel chair is dragging or making it hard to push.
  • The side panels under the arm rests sometimes gets loose and will push out against the wheels, check the slot the arm rest sits in especially if you have flip up arms.
  1. Foot rest/leg rests are not sitting straight
  • Sometimes the bolt at the bottom or side of the leg rest is stripped and will not hold usually either needs to be replaced or re drilled for new bolts.