Airline Scooter or Wheel Chair Repairs

2pm -10pm Sunday -  Saturday eastern


One-Call Airline Scooter, PowerChair and WheelChair Repair 

Is your mobility device in need of a emergency repair as a result of an air-line mishap? If so, call After Hours Repair Service for an efficient and timely resolution to you airline claim call: 914.374.2323.

Our goal is to get you back up and running on your own mobility device as soon as possible, no matter what the issue. From a simple wiring issue, to a complete vehicle replacement if needed, After Hours Repair Service is available 2pm - 10pm Sunday- Saturday eastern time, unfortunately at this time we only handle New York area and surrounding areas, however we do have a extensive data base to help with locating a repair location in your area.

  • Access to leading manufacturers- whether you drive a scooter, power wheelchair, electric or manual wheelchair, we have direct access to all the parts required for service and repair.
  • Pre-arranged Mobility Rentals- Once the claim is verified with the airline and under way, we will find a service provider in the area with a mobility rental for the duration of the claim when available. Claim status report are also available along the way via email or calling our office.                                                                                                       

How Do I get Started?

Call or email us and provide us with you airline claim information if available or any information. Representative will gather some basic details from you so we can initiate the claims process with your airline. In some cases you may have to pay upfront for the repairs in order to expedite your repair and be rein burst from airline at a later time/

One- Call, Will Do it All

To help the claims department with their mobility equipment repair, we provide the following service for active airline-related mobility claim.

        Travel and Assessment

  • After Hours Service will dispatch a member of our team to arrange for the damaged equipment to be evaluated at its location, whether at the airport , home or business. 
  • Once the equipment is evaluated, we will generate a report for you and the airline to assess, a quick response will expedite the repair. Please note if parts are needed to be ordered for next day air this will need to be decided at this time.                                                                             
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                              Repair-Replace
  • We will find a suitable temporary replacement or rental if required as part of the solution when available
  • After Hours Service equipment experts will assess the damaged device and provide comprehensive quote to ensure the most cost-effective solution. 
  • If the deivice is deemed repairable we will advice you of the cost, a deposit may be required (payable in advance). We will then order the necessary parts, have them installed according to factory-specifications. 
  • If device is deemed unrepairable (or if the cost of repair outweighs the cost of replacment unit), a new unit can be ordered and delivered to the customer. However please note ordering complete new device may take a little time to receive, and a deposit will be necessary to expedite the replacement. We ensure all new equipment will be handle with the up most urgencies. All deposits will be applied to any payments made by you and when the Airline has acknowledge our estimate of repairs and issued a claim number.

Need more information, We are aware that each airline claim may come with its own set of unique requirments. If you are unsure on how to proceed with your airline repair claim, please contact us via email: or call 914.374.2323 we will be happy to answer you questions and explain the claims process to you in full.

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